Our Business:

HT Trade is a company with a history dating back more than 30 years representing a group of Argentine Peanut exporters on international markets by providing sales and logistical organization services. Handling both these aspects of the business provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the needs and demands of our customers. The main role of HT Trade is to align the interests of buyers and sellers to enable relationships over the long term. 

The constant search for improvements in production and continuous efficiency gains have led HT Trade to experience exponential growth in trading volume, placing us among the five top peanut exporters in South America and providing us with a strong influence on market trends.

Our Philosophy:

Reliability and Efficiency

To ensure long-term relationships.

Strict quality control

Production and manufacturing processes are based on the latest international quality standards through the implementation and certification under HACCP, BRC, ISO 9001, ETI and SEDEX standards.

Compliance and commitment

We supervise all stages of the process to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and to be able to guarantee safe, healthy food that complies with all current quality regulations.